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When I was learning web development, I always thought to myself, “Am I ready to start applying for jobs”, “How many things do I need to know before I start applying for jobs”, “When should I start applying for jobs”. This is probably one of the most important questions in your web developer career and one that most people struggle with.

These questions are primarily focused on self-taught web developers, but can also help people who learned programming in college or in a different way.

Why should you ask yourself if you are ready to apply for jobs

If you don’t think about applying for jobs, you won’t get a job, it’s that simple, but a lot of people get it wrong. They think they just have to keep learning and jobs will come or something and that’s not how things work. You must always ask yourself if you are ready or you will never be ready.

Starting to apply for jobs is a very brave decision and not everyone is brave enough to do it, but they have to or they will be stuck learning new things and newer will get something out of it. There’s an exception and that’s when you’re making your own product like a website or an app or whatever, then you can get by without actually applying for jobs because you’ve just created a job for yourself .

Front End Developer Jobs

Not all trades take the same amount of time to learn. For front-end development jobs, you should start applying as soon as you learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and have some real websites built with them.

You probably know that many companies use JavaScript frameworks, which may prevent you from applying if you don’t know about them, and what will you do, you will start learning this framework, once you are done, this work will not be maybe not more open. My recommendation would be to apply for jobs that you don’t feel 100% qualified for, because there are no jobs you are 100% qualified for, no one is.

Let’s say the job requires knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and React and 2 years of experience in these areas, but you only know HTML, CSS and JavaScript and only have 1 year of experience. In my opinion you should apply because you can learn React while you are working on it or when they see that you are not familiar with React they can give you another job or you won’t use React at all. Come on, the worst thing that can happen is that they reject you.

Back End Developer Jobs

In terms of back-end development jobs, things are a bit different in my opinion. If you are applying for development jobs, which only require back-end technologies like Python, Django, PHP, Laravel or something else, you should probably know about these technologies.

But, there are many situations where the job requires back-end technology like Django, the Python framework for web development, as well as some front-end technology like HTML and CSS. If you have a job offer like this and you only know Python, you should apply because HTML and CSS are very easy to learn, but if you don’t know Python and only know HTML and CSS, you don’t you might not apply and look for front-end developer jobs instead, where you’ll have a much better chance.

Full Stack Developer Jobs

Full-stack development jobs are probably the most daunting because they require you to have the most knowledge, but in truth, it’s not like that. A lot of people apply for the full-stack development job and end up doing just the back-end or the front-end most of the time.

The thing is, there are rare cases where you’ll only do the jobs you applied for, in most cases you’ll do a bit of front-end and a bit of back-end, and that’s also true for front-end and back-end jobs only.

So let’s say a job requires knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Django and React and you only know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. If the situation is such that you should apply, you will have time to learn Django and React on this job and also what I said before, you probably won’t exactly do those things on this job.

If you are unfamiliar with the above and want to learn to code, here are some courses you can use:

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Finally, you should know that there are rare cases where you will be working the job that is exactly the same as the one you applied for, you will probably be working a bit of everything. And in terms of applying, you should apply for jobs that you feel at least half qualified for.

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