Web developer’s Illinois COVID vaccination map breaks it down by zip code | Local News


A Belleville-area web developer has developed a new way to look at COVID-19 vaccination rates in Illinois: a map showing vaccination rates by zip code.

Dick Slackman, owner of Shiloh, Ill.-based Tenby Technologies, told The Southern he built the map to help him better understand rates across geography.

“I saw a webinar on COVID-19 and they showed this big spreadsheet of vaccination rates. It was interesting, but I really couldn’t imagine one zip code versus another; I didn’t understand geographic relationships,” he said.

Wanting to find out if there were any geographic relationships or commonalities, Slackman decided to use a dataset with vaccination rates available on the Illinois Department of Public Health website and overlaid the data with a map of Illinois zip codes.

“I was wondering if there were any patterns with areas that had high vaccination rates and areas that had very low vaccination rates. I wondered why,” he said.

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Slackman said the map, which took him “three or four hours” to develop, shows some patterns. The map was last updated on Friday.

“It’s easy to see that the ZIP codes with the lowest vaccination rates in the East Metro area tend to be the poorest,” he wrote on a LinkedIn post about the map.

He said a number of people commented on the map and shared it on social media.

“I think people got into it because it’s a different way of looking at it. I don’t share one side or the other, it’s just a statement of fact,” he said. declared.

A look at the map shows that vaccination rates vary widely, even within the same municipality or community.

For example, Carbondale’s 62901 zip code — which encompasses most of the city and areas east of the city, north of Highway 13 — shows that 37.1% of adults are fully immunized. Area 62903 (southwest of Carbondale) reports 43.41% fully vaccinated and 62902 (areas south of Crab Orchard Lake) with a slightly lower rate of 51%.

The darkest green on the map – showing the highest level of vaccination – is Alto Pass with a full vaccination rate of 66.53%. Conversely, the lightest area on the map in the region marks the 62957 zip code area which serves McClure and East Cape Girardeau with 8.49% vaccinated.

Other zip code areas of note in the region include 62274 (the Pinckneyville area) with 39.48% vaccinated, 62812 (Benton) reporting 33.33% vaccinated, 62918 (Carterville) with 46.01% vaccinated, 62946 ( Harrisburg area) reporting a vaccination rate of 34.09%, 62,948 (Herrin) at 36.57%, 62,958 (Makanda) at 56.57%, 62,959 (Marion) at 36.62% vaccinated, and 62,966 (Murphysboro ) at 41.19%.

Statewide, 61.3% of all Illinoisans ages 18 and older have been fully immunized.

For the complete map of Illinois, visit www.thesouthern.com.