The journey from web developer to marketer

When he was 12 years old, Raghav Gupta was growing up in Moradabad, a small town in the state of Uttar Pradesh where his dreams were often labeled as oddly big and dismissed as mere childish concerns.

Now 22, Raghav is a tall, slender man who looks like someone who, despite having worked tirelessly, has nevertheless achieved what was once impossible to achieve. He sits sipping his coffee, his face filled with content, on a burgundy-colored couch as he talks thoughtfully, occasionally pausing to find the right sentences.

What prompted you to enter the marketing industry?

I knew I was cut out for marketing, but it was while pursuing my bachelor’s degree in information technology that I finally decided to pursue my marketing acumen. So I learned everything I could about the field of marketing while simultaneously working on my new talent for web development. It’s safe to say that today I’m a skilled web developer, designer, and marketer. But the process was exhausting, and although I always learned something new, I often approached a state of burnout. Resilience, however, is key. Without resilience and hard work, I wouldn’t even have achieved a quarter of what I achieved today.

Tell us a bit more about burnouts or any other struggles you’ve had to face?

Not everything was served to me on a plate. Initially, I struggled to succeed in the marketing industry. I was content to offer web development and design services only. I had realized that I needed to build credibility and market exposure to learn better strategies for greater engagement with audiences. It took patience and hard work, but I was passionate about doing it myself and becoming the best version of myself, which made the process a little easier.

How are you doing now?

So far, things are going pretty well. Of course, the growth process is never-ending, but when I think back to all the things I worked for, I feel a wave of satisfaction wash over me and an adrenaline rush when I think of all that awaits me in the future . I have worked with over 50 clients. I help them build their brands and I always improvise. I have extended my services to sensational singers, talented directors, celebrity chefs and various other renowned personalities from India, Turkey, UK, USA and UAE. In today’s world of cutthroat competition, I find it better to be two steps ahead of those running a contest, which gives my clients the edge to get the most out of business tactics and achieve their Goals.

Is there a mantra for success? What is your?

I’ve met a lot of people who yearn for shortcuts to success, which I think is purely hypothetical because there are no shortcuts. I believe that consistent effort and an unbeatable plan of action is the key not only to achieving what you aim for, but also to reaching the zenith of your career; whether it’s getting top marks in your batch or becoming your family’s first millionaire. Like my personal hero, Sundar Pichai said, “You could fail many times and that’s okay. You will always end up doing something worthwhile that you will learn a lot from.” With resilience and hard work, we can achieve our dreams.

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