Parbhis Rehan, teenage writer and web developer

March 2: One of India’s youngest published authors, Parbhis Rehan was only 14 years old when he published his first Book- Running on the Strange Road, a story about fantasy, adventure and motivation. Now, at the age of 16, he released his second book on May 1, 2022. The second book is an entirely different genre containing more mature themes and the challenges that come with it, but proves to be a whole read. so captivating. His books contain themes that resonate deeply with the younger generation. Her book is currently being sold through online websites and Kitaab bookstores.

Parbhis Rehan describes his love for writing as “addictive”, and like all great writers, his passion for writing began with a passion for reading. Writing presents itself as both a hobby and a career for Rehan – from now on he is focused on exploring his strengths and improving his skills as a writer in the field. romantic, exploring different tropes.

During COVID, his parents decided to homeschool him and that’s when he stumbled upon his newfound interest in writing. He is currently working on the second book, which will be released shortly. Apart from writing, he is also a professional app developer and likes to play with new gadgets in his spare time.

Apart from being a book writer, he is also an app developer. A few days ago, he launched his own chat application Vidsed Messenger. The app will be downloaded from Google Play Store. Now he is also trying to create the same app for Iphone users. The messaging app is very easy to use and you can also use multiple Emojis and funny facial expressions while chatting.

He lives in Assam with his parents, grandparents, brother and is an enthusiastic child with varied interests. Her other interests include reading novels, drawing, writing plays and painting. He is passionate about pursuing a career in IT and development, as well as writing novels in a variety of genres.