My confession as a web developer. I got my engineering degree in electronics… | by Diego Perez | August 2022

I graduated as an electronics engineer and at the beginning of my career I worked as a microcontroller programmer, that is, I developed the logic system for the decision making of these devices . As I explained in another post, due to the pandemic and mobility issues, I switched to web development.

When I started, I learned the basics of any website, namely HTML, CSS and Javascript. Shortly after, I discovered that I could also be in this industry by programming the backend of the website, where I handled data and event management based on user interaction, tasks very similar to those I faced in my first jobs.

So I decided to study and specialize in backend development, regarding the frontend I only programmed what was necessary to make my code functional, several times I even closed the opportunity to know about it more on the Frontend. Again and again I endured 5 hours to properly center a div, I also begged not to be asked to use anything other than Bootstrap.

But this admission makes me recognize that it is a mistake, that I may be slowing down my career and at the same time I am losing extra time every time I deal with the front, so now I will focus on the cover from this lack, this way I will become a more integral developer, with the ability to tackle front-end code without having to suffer every time a task involving CSS comes up. The minimum would be to learn the basics of the most popular libraries and frameworks such as React.js, Vue.js and TailwindCSS, ideally having a solid knowledge in one of them.

That’s my confession as a web developer, maybe you’re going through the same situation as me, or the other way around, you’ve focused so much on the frontend that you’re lazy to mess with the backend code. After all, both worlds are important and necessary for the project to work, and it is worth striving to improve them.