Meet Sellas Manna, a Ghanaian blogger, web developer and digital enthusiast

Sellas Manna is a Ghanaian Blogger specializing in Gospel Blogging, PR Staff, Web Developer (UX/UI Consultant), SEO Expert and Digital Entrepreneur.

Sellas Manna was born in Avakpedome, near Adidome in the central Tongu district of the Volta region in the very early 1990s. Having had his basic education in his hometown, Avakpedome, he continued his education at Adidome secondary school, finishing in 2009 with a background in general sciences.

Sellas has always had a place for computers, media and digital stuff, which is why he was arguably the only one at his school to log into Facebook back in 2006 when the platform was just formatting and not too popular by the use of his biology teacher’s desk.

Sellas continued his studies in Computer Science in 2011 at Accra Technical University where he studied Programming in different languages ​​such as Java, PHP, C# and C++, he also studied Web Development and Analytics UI/UX, Search Engine Optimization Consultancy which he learned some on his own.

Guest Speaker at Bloggers & Artist’s Summit 2022

Sellas Manna also completed a degree in Communication majoring in Journalism and Media Studies at the Ghana Institute of Journalism from 2017 to 2019. This is to enhance his other side of being a blogger and a PR manager .

In 2016, Sellas Manna conceived and founded one of the award-winning Christian voices and blogs – WorshippersGh. WorshippersGh’s goal is to share gospel content in news, music and lifestyle across all of its platforms. With over 200,000 social media followers, WorshippersGh continues to grow to positively influence followers.

In 2018 and 2019, WorshippersGh was nominated for Ghana’s African Gospel Music & Media Award, an event held in London.

Sellas Manna has been nominated for several notable awards programs and one of them is Avance Media’s Top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers of 2021. He has been listed for his contribution to the Ghanaian gospel music brotherhood in general and to be a gospel spokesperson on digital platforms.


Sellas Manna is also CEO of Aspire Digital, a web development and digital branding company that is gradually growing to meet the needs of startups and midsize businesses.