JTB Studios shares top web design trends for 2022

JTB Studios, an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency, shared some web design trends to embrace this year. As one of Melbourne’s leading web design and development agencies, JTB Studios has extensive industry knowledge. According to their web design experts, certain elements such as visual design, content, and navigation will always dominate web design. However, some new trends continue to emerge and periodically tweaking your website will help you stay up to date.

With that in mind, the agency has shared valuable insights to help website owners stay ahead of their competition. As technology evolves, it impacts how modern websites look and interact with viewers. This means that features and design elements that were relevant in 2021 could become clichéd and outdated in 2022.

The team of web designers at JTB Studios keeps up to date with all the recent trends and developments in the web design and digital marketing industry. They believe that if website owners do not want to experience high bounce rate and lose conversion, it is crucial to update their website and adopt the latest trends. A senior web designer from JTB Studios said, “Some timeless trends such as soothing colors with plenty of white space, clear calls to action, engaging content, site loading speed and vivid images will continue. also in 2022. However, it is expected that this year web designers will use funky and upbeat design elements to overcome the gloom of the COVID era. Additionally, bold fonts and experimental typography are expected to dominate in 2022. We might also see oversized pointers or mouse-overs to improve visitor engagement.

In 2022, 3D design elements are becoming increasingly dominant. Three-dimensional elements can bring a website to life and provide a better user experience. Bold typography and 3D elements are used to create an impressive and attractive visual statement. JTB Studios experts also believe that the dark mode version of websites will become more popular as it allows users to access web pages in low light conditions. With this integration, users can switch between light mode and dark mode according to their preferences. Dark mode web designs reduce eye strain and create a state-of-the-art web appearance that showcases all design elements. Also, monochromatic website design and gradient color scheme are gaining popularity as they grab the attention of the user. Lately, websites are also adding detailed footers that include contact information or a registration form.

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