Filipino Web Developer Names His Newborn HTML as a Mark of Tribute to His Profession

Parents are looking for unique, ready-made names for their children. Many times people came up with strange and unusual names that caught the attention of the media. Recently, a new father from the Philippines, who was blessed with a baby boy, decided to celebrate his love and affection for the internet by naming his son “HTML”. A Facebook post on the same topic is widely circulated on social media sites. And in their defense, the family urged netizens to calm down.

According to the viral post, posted by the newborn’s aunt, the baby boy was born earlier this month and was named Hypertext Markup Language Rayo Pascual (HTML). Sincerely Pascual de Santa Maria, Bulacan introduced his nephew to the world while sharing a sweet photo of the baby.

According to reports, credit for the unique name goes to the father, Mac Pascual, who is believed to be a web developer.

In an interview with The, Pascual revealed that his family used to give unique names. She said her brother Mac’s real name is Macaroni 85 while her sister’s name is Spaghetti 88.

According to the report, Pascual’s sister, Spaghetti, has two children with cheese-inspired names. They were named Cheese Pimiento and Parmesan Cheese and have nicknames Chippy and Peewee respectively. It’s not that; they also have cousins ​​who were named Design and Research.

Netizens had mixed reactions to the post. Some made fun of not naming the baby X Æ A-Xii, which is a nickname given by Elon Musk to his newborn baby. But more netizens were disappointed as they felt the child would be bullied at school for his name.

However, Pascal stood his ground and lashed out at people for normalizing bullying because of his name. Reacting to people’s concern about being teased at school, she said hypertext markup language would be meaningless for preschool and elementary school children. The woman also urged them to teach their children to accept that not everyone has a common name.

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