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Website is the second most used marketing channel in 2022

The website is the second most used channel for marketing purposes in 2022, according to HubSpot. While it’s important to note that 59% of users, according to Adobe, prefer “beautifully designed” sites over “something simple and clear”, 88% of users will not return to a website because of bad UX, as Amazon Web Services reports. Therefore, businesses need a website design strategy that combines visual appeal and usability to engage and convert users.

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Erin Schnittker Siemek, CEO of Forge Digital Marketing, says installing email integrations and leveraging exit and purchase intent pop-ups to collect emails from websites is a winning combination to capture abandoned carts.

“If you have an e-commerce business, we emphasize the importance of building integrations with Klaviyo on your website,” Siemek said. “Design a user experience that converts first and foremost, but the second best thing [help increase] converting sales[s] is the registration by e-mail. [Therefore] structure your website and email integration to capture abandoned carts and use strategic exit intent and purchase intent popups to grow that email list […] A website that uses these techniques can expect to add 30% to their revenue by properly deploying email capture in your web design and development plan. »


According to Rahul Jain, founder of SlashMonk, decluttering is a key tactic to incorporate on websites as it helps improve usability and search engine rankings.

“Speed ​​is key to website usability,” Jain said. “That’s why one of the best ways to improve [it] is by decluttering your site. By eliminating unnecessary elements and formatting, you can significantly reduce the loading time of your website. Not only will this make your website more user-friendly, but it will also improve search engine rankings. So go ahead – clean up your site and see the dramatic improvements it brings in both usability and search engine rankings!”

Tabitha Jean Naylor, owner of, adds that optimizing websites for fast speed is essential because delays can cost businesses a significant number of leads.

“An extra 5 seconds on your page load time can mean the loss of 20% of your leads,” Naylor said. “Optimizing website speed will ensure that your potential customer sticks around long enough to engage and realize they need your product. Compress images, get rid of unnecessary plugins, and reduce code website for faster speeds.


According to Anjelika Kour, Managing Director of DigitalDesign.NYC, businesses need to make it easy for customers to contact them, especially via mobile devices.

“[…] to quickly improve your marketing efforts through your website […] make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you,” Kour said. “[…] Check [your] website in the most critical way and analyze how easily it [is] for [your] customers to […] contact you for your services and products, or find you if you have a physical location. Consider [this] especially when you open your website via a mobile phone. I recommend it because ultimately your website is there to bring you sales and revenue – as is the goal of all the best marketing efforts.

DesignRush is out July’s list of the best web design companies that can help businesses engage and convert online.

1. Visuapex Creations –

Expertise: web design, graphic design, branding and more

2. Aufait UX –

Expertise: Web Design, App Design, UI/UX Design and more

3. Gordo Web Design –

Expertise: e-commerce development, web design, local and map referencing, etc.

4. Cyberlogical –

Expertise: digital strategy, UX design, digital marketing and more

5. Sammy Belose –

Expertise: Website SEO, e-commerce SEO, content planning, etc.

6. Sailet –

Expertise: web development, application development, UX/UI design, etc.

7. Zyne Ventures –

Expertise: branding, UI/UX design, digital marketing and more

8. Select Creations –

Expertise: web design and development, app development, e-commerce development and more

9. MaxoBiz –

Expertise: web design, web development, graphic design and more

10. Cyrusson –

Expertise: web design, content development, branding and more

11. Create Element –

Expertise: local SEO, web design, email marketing and more

12. SimplyGreat.Co –

Expertise: web design, web hosting, blog management, etc.

13. Embajadores de Marca –

Expertise: brand creation and registration, marketing consulting, content marketing, etc.

14. Webiance –

Expertise: branding, lead generation, digital marketing and more

15. Forging Digital Marketing –

Expertise: website and app design, content development, digital marketing, etc.

16. SlashMonk –

Expertise: web design, web development, e-commerce development and more

17. Simplified Funnel –

Expertise: digital marketing, content management, web design and development, etc.

18. Dos Mundos Creative –

Expertise: web design, UX design, web development and more

19. 10 Plus Brand –

Expertise: Web design and development, brand identity, content marketing, etc.

20. –

Expertise: Web design and development, SEO, lead generation, etc.

21. Optimal Web Design –

Expertise: Web Design, Web Development, SEO and more


Expertise: web design, e-commerce solutions, SEO and more

23. Zibtek –

Expertise: application development, web design and development, quality assurance and support, etc.

24. Optimal Websites –

Expertise: web design, UX design, blog writing, etc.

25. DigitalDesign.NYC –

Expertise: branding, web design, UI/UX design and more

26. FDRY –

Expertise: branding and visual identity, graphic design, UI/UX design and more

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