A young web developer wants to excel in artificial intelligence – Journal

SWAT: A 13-year-old software and website developer from Swat, who recently received a certificate of recognition from an international software organization, has pledged to become an expert in artificial intelligence.

Inspired by the late Arfa Karim, the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional, Marwan Khan, a seventh grader at SPS College Swat, is a self-taught software and website developer. He has developed several websites and computer games.

During the Covid-19 lockdown in the country, he developed a website so that his classmates and teachers could continue their studies without any hindrance.

“I started using a computer when I was 10 years old. While visiting different websites, I developed an interest in websites and wanted to understand how they worked. So I tried to create websites for which I learned Photoshop, HTML, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and JavaScript,” Marwan told Dawn.

Back when his other classmates were busy playing mobile games, Marwan was learning to code.

He said he was thinking of developing a website so that he and his classmates could properly study online when his school was closed during the Covid-19 lockdown. He added that he had developed a website for his class where they could easily connect and connect with their teachers from all subjects.

Marwan said the website is not just for online classes but also good for physical classes. “From attendance to lectures to assigning homework, a teacher can perform all activities as they do in class while students can receive lectures; in video and PowerPoint presentation, get grades and assignments on my website,” he said.

Marwan also earned a certificate of recognition from BYJU’S Future School, an online learning platform for students, when he successfully developed a game through coding. “I was watching cartoons online in which I saw an advertisement for a coding course. I applied for the course and took courses from international trainers. After the training, the trainers charged me to create a game by coding,” he said and added that he had developed a badminton game, which was more advanced than the task assigned to him.

“When they received my created game, they were happy and gave me a certificate and eight stars. It was a very proud moment for me to receive recognition from an international coding organization,” he said. declared.

Marwan said he has a great passion for computer coding and software development and not only wants to introduce innovative approaches in web development but also make a name for himself in artificial intelligence.

“My ultimate goal is to become an expert in artificial intelligence and serve my country on the ground,” he said with determination.

He said it was the era of coding, artificial intelligence, robotics and modern technology and the new generation had to come to the field.

Posted in Dawn, July 30, 2021