Train yourself as a web developer with this $20 package

New year, new career? Some resolutions, like cutting back on social media, are relatively easy to make. A new vocation, on the other hand, requires more preparation.

This is especially true when it comes to working in web development. just ask the thousands of skilled programmers who are making waves (and lots of stable money). Still, there’s a long way to go between basic coding skills and the type of resume that will impress employers. This is where the FullStack Web Developer Pack 2022 comes in.

With over 60 hours of training on all the latest development platforms, this e-learning series is an easy way to develop skills and your own applications at the same time. Eleven courses are taught by experienced developer Oleksandr Kockerhin, whose curriculum doesn’t waste a moment of your time.

If you’re starting from scratch, start with an overview covering all major front-end and back-end development languages. Once you have a basic education in Javascript and MySQL, put that knowledge to good use in development environments like Docker, where you can build and publish your own social media platform.

Once you’ve mastered these fundamentals, move on to more challenging projects focused on specific libraries like React. Build a skill set as you progress through each course in the bundle, learning Vue, Git, Lodash, Angular, and more—essential tools that let you build online quizzes, e-commerce sites, and more. and other apps that prove you’re ready to join any development team.

PCMag readers can start the new year on a new career path with the 2022 FullStack Web Developer Pack, on sale for $20 – 99% off the MSRP of $2,200.

Prices subject to change.

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